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Reshape your space

with hardscaping installations

Craft a more functional and beautiful space

Gain beauty with a purpose when you invest in the useful and gorgeous hardscaping options we offer here at Darnell Landscaping, Inc. Claim more usable land by leveling areas with grading and installing a retaining wall, or map a walking path through your space with great walkways and patios.

What will you add to your space?

Let us guide you through your decisions

 -  Walkways

 -  Patios

 -  Permeable pavers

 -  Rough grading

 -  Final grading

 -  And more!

Not sure what you'd like to add to your residential or commercial property? No problem! Just ask our friendly experts for their advice and guidance.


You'll get individual attention when you choose us. Call us today and speak to our owner.


You'll love working with the family-owned  business. Ask one of our more than 20 years' worth of happy customers - your neighbors right here in Virginia!

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